How often will my trash cans be serviced?

In colder climates, your trash cans may not be serviced during the winter months. When you choose quarterly cleanings, we may service your cans for 3 quarters out of the year. Similarly, with monthly cleanings we may service your cans for 10 months out of the year. You are only charged for scheduled visits.

How does it work?

Our truck will come to your home after your trash has been collected. We will clean all cans designated by you for cleaning. Our garbage bin cleaning services are scheduled based on your trash pick-up day and are assigned to you in “Week 1, 2, 3 or 4.” The first Monday of the month determines “Week 1” of a month. Our contracts run for a year from your first cleaning. So if your first cleaning is in May your service period runs through April of the following year. If you live in an area that empties your recycle cans every other week, please let us know. We will have to schedule your services a bit different.

What day will you clean my cans?

For most cities, our garbage bin cleaning services will happen on your city garbage day. However, it depends on where you live. The garbage collection companies are always changing garbage pick up schedules and we have to work around their schedules. There are some areas that pick up garbage very late. Usually cans will be cleaned on garbage day, but there may be times where your cans will be cleaned early the day following your garbage day. We understand the rules HOAs have for residents to keep cans in garages, behind fences, etc. and we will do our best to coordinate cleaning schedules with you for your convenience. Also, cleaning reminders will be emailed to you.

Will you provide a one-time cleaning?

Yes we will, but we feel you are best served when signing up for regular periodic cleanings. First time cleanings usually take considerably longer than subsequent “maintenance” cleanings and we price accordingly.

If I sign up, when will you clean my cans?

We will contact you when we receive your order regarding the next service date in your neighborhood. Sign-up online or call us direct.

Do I have to sign up ALL of my trash cans?

No. You tell us which of your trash cans you want on the program.

Can I alternate or rotate cans each cleaning cycle?

No. Each container has its own identification and will be cleaned each service cycle.

What happens if I move from a service area?

You should contact us anytime you are planning a move so that we can make proper arrangements to cancel or continue your service in another area.

How much water do you use?

If you were to clean your own can using a hose, you could easily use 15 gallons or more. On average it takes us less than 4 gallons. Did you know it is AGAINST THE LAW to clean your cans and let the water run down the storm drain? This contaminated water does serious damage to our waterways and the environment. We collect the water, carry it away in our garbage bin washing truck, and dispose of it properly.